Memetic Drift is going #30dayswild!

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Hey all!

June is going to be a slightly unusual month for Memetic Drift because I am doing #30dayswild, a project from the Wildlife Trusts which encourages you to do at least one thing nature or wildlife related every day in June 2015. I’m looking forward to blogging my progress, so you can expect things like:

  • Wild arts and crafts – some new cross-stitch designs and possibly some feeble-but-improving attempts at sketches.
  • Quizzes!
  • “Interviews” with some of the UK’s native species, finding out what they like and how they’re getting on.
  • Photos from in and around Bristol. Got the Bristol Downs just round the corner but who knows what else the city might provide
  • Random thoughts and facts.
  • Book reviews (expect these to increase in frequency if the weather is particularly bad!).
  • Volunteer work and events with some local organisations, including a stall I’m helping to run at the Festival of Nature.

Regarding the “interviews”, I’ve got a meeting with a hedgehog lined up next week, but do you know any other animal species with interesting stories they might like to share? Got any other ideas for me? Let me know!

If you would like to do 30DaysWild too, sign up here for a free ideas pack and calendar. You can also follow @30dayswild on Twitter.

See you on the wild side!

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