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TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01Who is Britain’s favourite bird? In the 1960s, the people voted in the Robin as Britain’s National Bird. For the last fifty years, nothing has changed, as the title has been uncontested. This year David Lindo AKA the Urban Birder, decided it was time to change that. He asked the nation again, and 213,000 people responded with their votes.

But the question remains: has 50 years changed Britain’s birding preferences? Or is the Robin just the best bird for the job?

A top ten shortlist from dozens of initial candidates has been released. The winner is due to be announced later in the month, and I’ll be sure to you posted with any news. In the meantime, and to celebrate the start of #30dayswild here’s a quiz to see how much you know about the Birds of Britain that made the running. Enjoy!

Birds of Britain Quiz

How well do you know your Birds of Britain?

How did you get on? Which of these beauties do you think deserves to be the new (or continued?) National Bird of Britain?

All pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. 

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