Duck Duck Goose… and Lego! At WWT Slimbridge

White fronted goose - Anser albifrons

Last weekend I went to the World Wetland Trust’s (WWT) centre at Slimbridge. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but upon discovering that they have child-sized Lego animals and birds until September, I knew this summer would be the one I had to visit! I have very fond memories of feeding Hawaiian geese, also called nenes, as a child with my Nan at WWT Arundel. I’m pleased to report they are still my favourite, but I really enjoyed seeing the other geese, ducks and swans too. Beyond birds, there’s an amphibian exhibition named Toad Hall, plus highly adorable harvest mice and a lovely otter feeding talk.

Slimbridge is a really well run centre. They have a free hour-long morning tour every day, a nice idea for first-time visitors like us. Both the wild and captive birds seem happy and healthy, and there were plenty there. At the end of the day I visited the gift shop. Far from being full of “the usual” overpriced tat, there were so many beautiful things on offer at really fair prices. Took a lot of restraint not to buy everything in sight!

Anyway, here are some of the critters I saw at Slimbridge, Lego or otherwise. I didn’t manage to ID all of them so please help if you can. Otherwise, enjoy! 🙂 And no I have no idea what that goose in the header image is doing, but it seemed happy enough!

Click on any picture to open the carousel and see the full captions. Let me know if you have more ID info / corrections!


  1. Irene

    Emand, mulle meeldib väga sinu konametamr. Aitäh! Aga jah, see poodlemine tuleb edaspidi siiski käruga vist ette võtta. Samas on tore väljakutse ka… Ja see randmepael on hea mõte küll!Inga, ma mõtlen sellele. Äkki ikka mööduv faas ja saab ilma rihmata:)

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