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Thanks for choosing to drift memetically over here.  Memetic Drift covers a pretty broad spectrum of topics and seriousness so I do hope you find something to your liking.

Here are some top posts which may be of interest to you:

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Memetic Drift is the creation of Emily Coyte, who you can find out more about on the About Me page.

Why Memetic Drift?

Just like genes are units of biological information transferred from generation to generation, memes are units of cultural information transferred from brain to brain.

Over time, however, genes tend to accumulate small changes or mutations. These may not affect their success, being variations that may escape notice. Sometimes they are harmful, and end the genetic line. But sometimes they are useful, and in the right context will aid their success tremendously. This change over time is genetic drift, and is thought be an important part of the evolution of life on Earth.

Memes have their own form of this – memetic drift. Each brain can receive, interpret and transmit memes and ideas differently so that over time, their features and success changes. Our conversations and culture are constantly shifting and evolving a result, arguably making life rather more interesting!

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