Guest Posts

Quest for the Dark Side of Matter [Guest Post]

There’s far more to the Universe than meets the eye. We now know that the vast majority of its mass is in the form of some exotic, invisible material called dark matter that pervades space, binding galaxies together by exerting a…
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What we Don’t Yet Know about Pain

Pain evolved as a necessary evil. It tells us when we’ve done something damaging, or are on the brink of causing more serious harm. It’s tempting to wish away pain after stubbing your toe or burning your hand, but life…
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Guest post! The Diversity of Snake Venom [Ian]

Hey! Memetic Drift is proud to announce its first guest post. Ian is a PhD student in Liverpool, fellow science blogger and all-round awesome guy – check him out over at his Science Gremlin blog or Twitter @Science_Gremlin. I will…
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