Memetic Drift is going #30dayswild!

30 Days wild Wildlife Trust #30dayswild Nature outdoor boots

Hey all! June is going to be a slightly unusual month for Memetic Drift because I am doing #30dayswild, a project from the Wildlife Trusts which encourages you to do at least one thing nature or wildlife related every day…
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10 Amazing Animals with Legendary Names

Myths and legends are just as much a source of inspiration today as they were when first spoken in forums and round campfires thousands of years ago. The Basilisk and the Hydra may not inspire the same dread as they…
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Radagast the Brown Speaks out on Climate Science

07/Dec/13 In an unexpected journey collaboration between the Cabot Institute of University of Bristol in the UK and Rhosgobel in Middle Earth, wizard Radagast the Brown yesterday published a scientific paper on the diverse uses of climate modelling.  In it, he…
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10 Phenomenal Powers of Animal Proteins

DNA may provide the core instructions for making life, but it’s the proteins it codes for that actually gets on and does the work – a recipe book can’t bake a cake after all. As a result of billions of…
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Real Animals that should be Pokémon – Travel Edition!

Preliminary note: Thanks to a great illustrated encyclopaedia of animals (well, vertebrates) I found at my parents’ house, I’ve found hella more potential Pokémon and the only limiting factor now is finding the time to research and write about them….
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