Real Animals that should be Pokémon – Travel Edition!

Preliminary note: Thanks to a great illustrated encyclopaedia of animals (well, vertebrates) I found at my parents’ house, I’ve found hella more potential Pokémon and the only limiting factor now is finding the time to research and write about them….
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Real Life Fairy Animals that Should be Pokémon

Many Pokémon fans will have heard by now that the new Pokémon type for X and Y  is… FAIRY?!? After an initial stab of disappointment, I reached acceptance pretty quickly for a number of reasons. I’ll save my musings for…
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Animals that should be Pokémon – Part 1

I love nature and biology, but the world of Pokémon has its own appeal. Species are well defined and nobody doubts the reality of evolution, even if the definition of the word is drastically different to how we understand it….
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