10 More Quickfire Science Questions

Hello and welcome to a new instalment of quickfire science questions you may have asked yourself, each answered in 150 words or fewer. Many of them seem to be food-based this time around so I guess I’m finding food particularly interesting at…
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8 cool things about Iceland!

Collapsed cone Kerith Iceland

It’s not like me to do a travel-based post, mainly because it’s not like me to travel, but that seems to be steadily changing. Tom and I had mapped out a hot beach getaway as an end-of-chemo (links here for…
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Why I Assumed MSG was Evil, and Why I was Wrong

(c) Freefoto

Rice doesn’t normally cause me to have silent freak-outs, but it did on one occasion. I’d just complemented my friend on a particularly tasty batch she’d cooked up, whereupon she casually replied “Yeah, I threw in a bit of MSG….
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What we Don’t Yet Know about Pain

Pain evolved as a necessary evil. It tells us when we’ve done something damaging, or are on the brink of causing more serious harm. It’s tempting to wish away pain after stubbing your toe or burning your hand, but life…
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10 Quick-Fire Science Questions!

It’s good to be writing again! I took an accidental sabbatical after Pokémon X and Y entered my life in the new year and found it required excessive amounts of playing before I was sated. So I’m back with some (hopefully) solid…
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