Nobel Prizes 2015 – the Lowdown

Nobel 2015 Medicine people

Welcome to my round-up of the new Laureates of the Nobel Prizes 2015! What do you think of this year’s haul? The winners this year have included scientists that helped discover cures for deadly parasitic diseases, disprove a major assumption physicists…
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Becoming Fluent in the Language of Life

During university, I was the only person in my student flat who could speak just one language. Welsh, Chinese, French and Vietnamese all featured prominently during most friends’ visits and calls home, except mine. Feeling linguistically deficient and hoping to…
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Nobel Prizes 2014 – the Lowdown

The Indian summer we were enjoying here in Bristol died pretty spectacularly this Monday as the city showed her new students what Bristolian weather is really all about. The cold night prior and the rain threatening to soak right through…
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What we Don’t Yet Know about Pain

Pain evolved as a necessary evil. It tells us when we’ve done something damaging, or are on the brink of causing more serious harm. It’s tempting to wish away pain after stubbing your toe or burning your hand, but life…
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Why Haven’t we Cured Cancer Yet? [Becky + Em]

[Em’s note: This legitimately happened to Becky – I was somewhere in Lounge too but was apparently otherwise occupied at the time.] Lizard Lounge, Bristol, on a Saturday night. (Don’t judge me – this is going somewhere I promise!) I’m pretty…
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