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2014 – what happened and what did we learn?

2014 summary review digital

How was 2014 for you? Here’s my annual round-up of exciting developments in various fields of science, set against some of the major stories in world news from each month. Click any of the links or the images to find out more!…
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10 More Quickfire Science Questions

Hello and welcome to a new instalment of quickfire science questions you may have asked yourself, each answered in 150 words or fewer. Many of them seem to be food-based this time around so I guess I’m finding food particularly interesting at…
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10 Amazing Animals with Legendary Names

Myths and legends are just as much a source of inspiration today as they were when first spoken in forums and round campfires thousands of years ago. The Basilisk and the Hydra may not inspire the same dread as they…
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8 cool things about Iceland!

Collapsed cone Kerith Iceland

It’s not like me to do a travel-based post, mainly because it’s not like me to travel, but that seems to be steadily changing. Tom and I had mapped out a hot beach getaway as an end-of-chemo (links here for…
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10 Quick-Fire Science Questions!

It’s good to be writing again! I took an accidental sabbatical after Pokémon X and Y entered my life in the new year and found it required excessive amounts of playing before I was sated. So I’m back with some (hopefully) solid…
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10 Phenomenal Powers of Animal Proteins

DNA may provide the core instructions for making life, but it’s the proteins it codes for that actually gets on and does the work – a recipe book can’t bake a cake after all. As a result of billions of…
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