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Animals that should be Pokémon – Part 1

I love nature and biology, but the world of Pokémon has its own appeal. Species are well defined and nobody doubts the reality of evolution, even if the definition of the word is drastically different to how we understand it….
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The Caterpillar Effect; the Biochemistry of Sight

The retinaterpillar shifts conformation when it receives a photon, making the rhodopsin protein shift around with it. Rhodopsin becomes the activated Metarhodopsin II

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I catch myself staring at something and start to wonder how it’s possible I can glean so much information from what is essentially photons bouncing around the room. A basic description of sight…
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Drifting Memetically?

Welcome to Memetic Drift! Errmmm, first post. This is the part where new bloggers tend to go all dewey-eyed and tell potential readers all about their hopes and aspirations for their clean new blog which will change not only their…
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